Conozca Su Futuro (KYF Spanish) read order for a Window Poster Display


For the Printing Instructions document, click here. Poster PDF is printed on a 24″+ Wide Format printer. Sheets 1 & 2 are connected end to end after printing each page separately, taped on the back, and laminated. The laminate is trimmed to 1/4″ of the border. The computer document includes a text box to type in your Ministry contact information before printing. Finished size is 22.5″ high by  56.5″ wide. We can print, laminate, and ship this evangelism poster to you for a fee.

People were stopping at the print shop to read the World’s Most Important Prayer in the back window.  I decided to give them the whole Good News message about Jesus Christ’s free gift of eternal life. We also have thousands of these small stapled booklet tracts in Spanish and English for ten cents each. And, we have computer documents for printing one page per sheet for a guided presentation on a display easel. Contact David 1-805-452-5150, or e-mail us:              Terry Mize, an apostle to Mexico told me, “There is nothing God won’t do for you, if you will but help spread the gospel.”

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