Another Way?

Download Printable version for color laser or inkjet printer.  This tract prints two per page, and  is a work and tumble with a trim on three sides to eliminate the white borders on the cover.

World’s Most Important Prayer 4 printing

Download This document is for color laser and inkjet printer. For a printing press version, e-mail David:

World’s Most Important Prayer

Download Bible guidelines for successful praying, and the prayer that God considers most important – the one that erases our sins, makes us a child of God, and gives us Eternal Life as a Free Gift. The printable version is another post.

Which Way to Heaven?

Download Do All Paths and Religions lead us to Heaven? For color laser and inkjet printers. Two tracts per letter size sheet. This four fold tract is updated and smaller to fit in one’s shirt pocket

Life’s 2 Most Important Questions

Download E-tract An 8 page read order tract on How to make a Reservation for Heaven, and God’s assurance that you’ll get there. On smart phones and tablets, use a finger to touch the screen and “wipe” to the side to advance or go back a page.  On laptops and desktops, left or right click the […]

Life’s 2 Most Important Questions

Download How to make a reservation for Heaven, and God’s assurance that you will get there. For printing on color laser and inkjet printers.  More margin is required for a printing press. This PDF document  has a text box you can type in on the last page to add your contact information.

Victory in Christ

Download 24 page read order PDF e-booklet Testimony of Evangelist David Naylor – from prisoner in solitary confinement to preacher. Includes pictures. Note: Left click on the computer mouse to advance the pages, and right click to go backwards.