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WELCOME to HIS Print Media Ministries. I started HIS Print to promote the Gospel throughout the world, and provide tracts for witnessing and other resources for equipping the saints. Printing Instructions | do-tracts-work 6 28 2018 IMPORTANT: To return to a previous page, click on the “Home” button, OR the “Back” arrow. (This way you […]

How To Win the World for Christ (Oriya language: used in Orissa, India) – by Prince Handley

This is a booklet tract made from one letter size sheet printed both sides, then folded, stapled, and folded again, the a small trim on the first fold edge to separate the pages. Written by Prince Handley.Multiply your ministry!

Seven Things God Wants Us To Know by Hope for Homeless Youth

Download Pastor Clayton Gollhier said that 3000 people have received the Lord through this tract that HIS Print Media Ministries has been printing for them.  This is a booklet tract with two saddle stitch staples.  It prints on 3 letter size collated sheets (there are 6 signatures). This document is for a color laser printer.

Estudios De La Biblia Gratis (Spanish Free Bible Studies) from Prince Handley


Chinese Bible (Simplified for Mainland China) Old & New Testament


Who Am I?

Download For Jewish people, key scriptures from the Tenach, pointing to the Prophet’s Messiah.  For a color laser printer, letter size folded in half.  Original tract Idea with HIS Print Media Ministries additions.

It’s Your Move!

Download 2000 years ago God made his move, through Jesus Christ to restore a broken relationship with mankind.  Now it’s our turn to move /respond.  For color laser printer 2 per letter size page.  Designed by HIS Print Media Ministries


Download Nice qualities about the unknown person (Jesus Christ) seen in the background, and how to know Him personally on the backside of the tract.  Size 5 1/2″ by 8 1/2″ 2 up for a color laser printer.  Nice on card stock.  Designed by HIS Print Media Ministries.

Como Tener Vida Eterna – Hay Solamente Un Modo (Spanish)

This Spanish Tract, How To Live Forever – There is Only One Way,  was given to Dr Esther Mallett through a Divine Revelation.  If you click in the blank area on the back page, you can type in contact information before printing. Download

What Are Your Chances Of Winning It Big?

FOR SERIOUS GAMBLERS – the odds of winning at various games compared to the assurance of Eternal Life through Yeshua ha Meshiach (Jesus the Messiah). For color laser printer, letter size with fold in middle and face, top and bottom trim for full bleed. Designed by HIS Print Media Ministries.You can print this info out and share with friends.