What Fills the Void?

Download The French Physicist San Pascal wrote “There is a God shaped void inside every person that only Jesus Christ can fill.”  Two per letter size sheet, work & turn for inkjet or color laser printer. For the 2 color separation version for a printing press, email David: info@tracts4u.com

Why the Cross? (Easter)

Download Looks best when printed on glossy card stock.  Use letter size card.  Trim at crop marks to eliminate white borders.  When cut right, all four cards should be the same size.

Usted Esta Amado! (You Are Loved in Spanish)

Download Especially for Valentine’s Day.  Punch a hole in the corner and tie to a bag of cookies to give to neighbors!  Looks best on glossy card stock paper.  Trim on crop marks to make cover bleed to the edge on all sides.

Quien Es Jesus? (Who Is Jesus? in Spanish)

Download An overview of God’s Plan of Salvation written by Gwen Shaw of End-Time Handmaidens, Inc.  This tract is available in over 25 Languages.  It prints two to a legal size sheet.  Each tract trims on three sides so the cover has no white border.  This document is for a color laser printer or inkjet.  […]