Halloween Tracts 2023 – Here are clickable links to all available English and Spanish Halloween tracts by title. The documents are either quality print documents; or, read order lower quality tracts waiting to be converted to print documents for color laser printers. These two  Spanish and English thumbnail images are  examples of  quality digital reproductions from The Free Tract Society’s printing press negatives. We have both HPMM & FTS printed Halloween tracts on hand for $10 a pound plus shipping (minimum $10).

Que Llevas en Tu Bolsa    Trick or Treat   The Best Treat In The Whole World    Trick or Treat ( Massachusetts version)   Happy Halloween (read order)  Noche de Satanas (read order)  Satan’s Nite Out (read order)  Christian, Do You Know What an Important Day October 31st is?  The Best Treat in the Whole World (black text on orange paper)  The Big Halloween Lie Eng / Spn combination (read order)

Living Water – The Ultimate Thirst Quencher clearer artwork


God our Creator, programmed into our genetic makeup (DNA), a thirst to find and know Him. This version has been adjusted to look centered after folding, and the cover art emphasizes Jesus and the woman at the well, rather than the background. printing is 2 pages, two-sided, and has two folds. Two tracts to a letter size sheet. A type in the box field allows one to add contact information before printing.

Living Water – The Ultimate Thirst Quencher


God our Creator programmed into our DNA (genetic makeup) the need to know and have a personal relationship with Him. Only Jesus, the Source of “Living Water”, can fill this Void.

Prints 2 to a letter size sheet with 3/16″ margins. Has two folds.

Porque Vino El?

Download  Spanish, 2 tracts per letter size sheet with address field.


Why Did He Come – Christmas Tract

Download  Full color remake for color laser printer w address field.

Consider: “If there had been another (less costly) way that God could have reconnected a sinful world back to Himself, other than sending his only Son to die on the cross for our sins, don’t you think He would have know about it and used it?”

Prints two to a letter size sheet with a fold.


Que Llevas en Tu Bolsa?


Spanish Halloween tract with type in box contact field. Two to a letter size sheet. 3/16″ minimum margin at bottom.


Trick or Treat

Download Reproduced Halloween Gospel Tract, for color laser printer or inkjet. One tract per letter size sheet with bottom trim and two folds.

PDF File size of download is about 37 megabytes. Includes a type in the box field for adding contact information.

Note: There are two additional Halloween tracts posted on this website.

Destination Heaven!

Download  The Bible states that the free gift of eternal life is now being offered to all men everywhere If we receive it God’s way, on His terms. Here’s how.


Do Good People Go to Heaven?


If one does the math, the Heavenly City can hold a trillion people; and, God wants all of us to get there. If keeping the Ten Commandments (our good deeds) don’t qualify us to get there, then what will?

Do You Know?

Some languages have different verbs for head knowledge and personal experience. Just reading the Bible or attending a church doesn’t save a person. One must enter into a relationship with God to achieve Heaven and obtain Eternal Life. This gospel tract is laid out two to a letter size sheet. Here are two quality PDFs for printing tracts: Manual Duplex Printer, Auto Duplex Printer. For standard 20lb weight paper, a color laser printer makes a better picture quality and less see through than an inkjet printer. Here is a read order e-tract version for sharing by social media.

Three Keys for Success in the Christian’s Life e-booklet

Download  In 1982, God the Holy Spirit gave the author three foundational principles for Christians to study. Now, in 2021, here is the Free 88 page PDF interactive e-booklet. With internet access, clickable words in the text connect the reader to additional online information, songs, etc.

The document displays best on smart phones when opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The author welcomes comments which may lead to a printed booklet: info@tracts4u.com


The Master Programmer

Download The creation and things created, especially instinct programmed into animals and insects, point to a Creator or Master Programmer. From there we also see a detailed divine love and plan for us as individuals when we reconnect to the Heavenly Father through His Son Jesus Christ, making us children of God.

Where and When…? Read order E-tract

Download  Read order four page E-tract version for sharing by social media.

Jesus, the Son of God, said we all need to be “born again” to enter God’s kingdom of heaven for our eternity. This message tells us why and how. Author: Evangelist Dea Warford

Where and When…?

For color laser or inkjet printing, two to a letter size sheet. File size is 7 megabytes.

Jesus said we must be “born again” to enter God’s kingdom. Be born again and know that you have eternal life. Author: Evangelist Dea Warford

A Tourist Guide To Heaven – Metric System

Download A new Metric measurements version for English speaking countries who use the Metric System. This is the print version for tabloid size paper. There will also be a read order version for sharing by e-mail.

Divine Revelation of Hell / Heaven read order e-tract

Download A new booklet tract from Hope For Homeless Youth that is having great success bringing teenagers to Jesus.  This is the read order PDF e-book version (4.5 megabytes in file size).  To help pastor Clayton get more of the printed booklets, contact him at: pastorclayton@gmail.com. 

Christian Evangelism Printing – How to Do it Guide – PDF Interactive E-book

DownloadCEP book covers 4 comb bind.indd

Free Newest Edition E-book, October 7, 2019 446 pages, 10.8 megabyte file size – PDF Interactive – has clickable links to additional YouTube training videos.

Book is readable in internet browser, or by downloading to one’s computer. If you want to read it in the browser, first right click the mouse on the orange link and click on Open in Private Viewing Window. When you view hyperlinked information, close the second window and you can continue reading the book in the private window. Two DVD disks containing the book document PDF, a lot of Desktop Publishing Documents as well as 21 Desktop Publishing training videos are available by mail. These videos are also on YouTube and may be accessed through the Free Training Videos tab on this website.

Ticket to Heaven

Recreated Gospel tract for color laser printer or inkjet. 4 to a letter size sheet with center fold. For a press version with 2 color separations and a wider gripper margin, write David: info@tracts4u.com

Writer calculates that Heaven’s capital can hold a trillion people, but one must ask Jesus to make him a reservation by writing his name in the Book of Life. Here’s how.

Conozca Su Futuro (KYF Spanish) read order for a Window Poster Display


For the Printing Instructions document, click here. Poster PDF is printed on a 24″+ Wide Format printer. Sheets 1 & 2 are connected end to end after printing each page separately, taped on the back, and laminated. The laminate is trimmed to 1/4″ of the border. The computer document includes a text box to type in your Ministry contact information before printing. Finished size is 22.5″ high by  56.5″ wide. We can print, laminate, and ship this evangelism poster to you for a fee.

People were stopping at the print shop to read the World’s Most Important Prayer in the back window.  I decided to give them the whole Good News message about Jesus Christ’s free gift of eternal life. We also have thousands of these small stapled booklet tracts in Spanish and English for ten cents each. And, we have computer documents for printing one page per sheet for a guided presentation on a display easel. Contact David 1-805-452-5150, or e-mail us: info@tracts4u.com.              Terry Mize, an apostle to Mexico told me, “There is nothing God won’t do for you, if you will but help spread the gospel.”

Know Your Future English Read Order Poster for a Window Display


Two printed posters taped together and laminated are 22.5″ tall by 56.5″ wide. For a printing instructions  document, click Here.

World’s Greatest Lifesaver

Download  Just as a person attempting to escape from an upper story of a building on fire needs a fireman, God has provided Jesus Christ as our  only Way to escape Hell and an eternity without God. Looking to Jesus not only saves us from eternal torment, but gives us eternal happiness in God’s residence, heaven. God’s Bible promises (His ability to keep His word) are our assurance of spending eternity with Him.

Jesus Understands

Jesus Understands tract 2 up on letter portrait.inddDownload

Three Fold Gospel Tract with Prayer of Salvation. For Inkjet or Color Laser Printer. Prints Two per letter size sheet. This is a good example of someone submitting a one color hand made printed tract so it can be turned into a quality printable two color computer document. This PDF allows one to type contact information on the back page before printing.

Messiah’s Identity Revealed QR code stickers

MIR QR Website ThumbnailDownload

These labels/stickers are 6 to a page on Avery Label template 5164 or equivalent.  When a smart phone or tablet with a built in camera, the QR code reader app, and access to the internet, scans  the code (on a quality printed label) from about 6 inches away, the phone goes online to Rich Deem’s website and the document titled Jesus Christ – Messiah of the Rabbinical Writers (used by permission of Dr. F. Kenton Beshore, President of The World Bible Society).  If a Jewish person studies these Jewish Scriptures: Torah, Prophets and Writings, then sincerely prays, asking the Lord for a personal revelation of this Messiah, and the saving of his soul by the atoning sacrifice of this Messiah; according to the promise of the Lord’s word, the Holy Bible, he will be saved, and come to experience Yeshua Personally.

Jesus Christ – Messiah of the Rabbinical Writers

MIR QR Website ThumbnailDownload

Rich Deem’s (used with permission) shortened version of Dr. F. Kenton Beshore’s printed booklet The Messiah of the Tanach, Targums, Talmuds.  This three column comparison cites Messianic Jewish Scriptures: Torah, Prophets and Writings, along with  Rabbis who believe these passages are Messianic, and B’rit Chadashah Scriptures that show the fulfillment of these Tenack prophecies.  If one carefully examines this comparison in an unbiased manner, then asks the Lord to reveal the Messiah to him, and apply the Messiah’s atoning blood to wash away the readers sins, the Identity of the Messiah will be revealed to the reader.

Here is a divine revelation prayer to wrap up the subject: “God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, please reveal to me if Yeshua (Jesus) is my Messiah. If so, I ask Him to take control of my life – to be my Lord. Please save me. Forgive my sins and help me to live for You…and take me to Heaven when I die. Amen”

The above graphic is a 6 to a page sticker/label pdf document downloadable free document posted on this website.  When the QR code in a printed version of the sticker is scanned with a smart phone or tablet with built in camera with the QR code reader app installed, the phone goes on the internet to Rich Deem’s pdf document posted on his website.

What Child is this?

What Child is this 4 fold 4 laser HPMM.inddDownload

This new Christmas tract uses phrases from the Christmas carol What Child is this? to present the Good News about why Jesus came, what He did, and what we must do to benefit from it.

The World’s Most Important Prayer QR code labels

DownloadWMIP QR Avery 8164 6 up thumbnail

Document for 6 to a page labels for Avery brand #5524 (or equivalent) die cut all weather label paper for a laser printer.  When one takes a picture of the code with a smart phone or tablet with a built in camera that has the qr code reading app installed, the code links to the www.tracts4u.com website page titled World’s Most Important Prayer (in English).  The page contains a media player that plays the prayer.  The words or transcript of the message are also written there, so one can follow along.  The idea is that people will say the prayer aloud after the speaker and become a child of God through faith in Jesus Christ.      To better understand what happens when one prays this prayer, click on this link to download the free e-booklet titled: What it Means to be Born Again — Understanding God’s Plan of Salvation: Download  Please e-mail David at info@tracts4u.com to help make a Spanish version of this post on the website.

Are You a Good Person?

Good person thumbnail 4 websiteDownload

Created by Ray Comfort and www.livingwaters.com.  Layout here is two fourfold tracts to a letter size sheet for a color laser printer or inkjet with 3/16″ margins.  This document is a quality 32 megabyte tiff image and will take time to download.  Print one side, flip the sheet, and print the other with the same image. Cut sheet in half the long way, then trim white off to make about 3/16″ border.  Fold each tract in half twice.  An e-tract version is available for free download and use at www.livingwaters.com

Roman’s Road to Heaven

DownloadRoman's Road to Heaven thumbnail

Bible writer Apostle Paul, a Roman citizen was personally taught by Jesus Christ.  He also visited Heaven and returned.  In his letter to the Romans, he reveals how we can make Heaven our eternal destination.  This is a two color document, suitable for an inkjet or laser printer.

Road Map to Heaven

DownloadRoad Map to Heaven tract thumbnail

What God, in His Word the Bible, says about your eternal destination, and How you can be sure it will be Heaven. PDF Document contains a text box for adding your contact information. A Two Color version is also available from David: info@tracts4u.com


What it Means to be Born Again

DownloadBorn Again booklet cover thumbnail

A detailed Holy Bible look at God’s way to have a Change of Heart and find Eternal Life. Also includes some “Now that I’m a Christian” information. This read order E-booklet PDF document is for Computers, Tablets, and Smart Phones.
For the printed booklet, contact David: info@tracts4u.com

World’s Most Important Prayer


Bible guidelines for successful praying, and the prayer that God considers most important – the one that erases our sins, makes us a child of God, and gives us Eternal Life as a Free Gift. The printable version is another post.

Which Way to Heaven?

DownloadWhich Way to Heaven thumbnail Do All Paths and Religions lead us to Heaven? For color laser and inkjet printers. Two tracts per letter size sheet. This four fold tract is updated and smaller to fit in one’s shirt pocket

Life’s 2 Most Important Questions

Life's 2 Most Important Questions thumbnail 10 2013Download E-tract

An 8 page read order tract on How to make a Reservation for Heaven, and God’s assurance that you’ll get there.

On smart phones and tablets, use a finger to touch the screen and “wipe” to the side to advance or go back a page.  On laptops and desktops, left or right click the mouse in the full screen mode, or press the Enter key.  The printable version of this tract is also posted on this website.

Victory in Christ

DownloadA Victory in Christ

24 page read order PDF e-booklet Testimony of Evangelist David Naylor – from prisoner in solitary confinement to preacher. Includes pictures.

Note: Left click on the computer mouse to advance the pages, and right click to go backwards.


Terseros en el Cielo – E-librito

Download Treasures spn thumbnail 4 website

Treasures in Heaven – read order e-tract

Treasures in heaven thumbnail4 websiteDownload

For reading on computers and tablet devices, and forwarding by e-mail attachment.  Two color hard copy booklets may  be ordered in English and Spanish in minimum quantities of 5,000.  Contact David: info@tracts4u.com.  This booklet has a prayer of salvation and encourages readers to follow the Bible in sharing their faith, giving, Bible reading, prayer, right living, and attending church.

Bounty of Blessings


Thanksgiving Salvation message.  Four to a letter size card stock, preferably matte or glossy finish on both sides.  Cards trim 1/8″ on all sides (follow trim marks) to make the cover side a full bleed.  His Print Media Ministries can also make these for you for a fee.

Trick or Treat


Phil, from Massachusetts, wrote his first tract using Microsoft Word, but didn’t know how to make it into a tract format.  He e-mailed it to HIS Print Media Ministries, and we perfected it two to a letter size sheet.  This shows how we encourage others to make good looking tracts.  If one chooses, we will also print any tracts posted on this website for a fee – see posted prices. Phil, after getting a high priced quote from  an office superstore, decided to have tracts printed and shipped by us.  The order was quickly filled and mailed to arrive in advance of the event at which they will be used.   Phip plans to share these tracts with churches in his area.  Congratulations, Phil, on writing and producing your first tract!

Halloween Tract


Available in full color, or black and white on pumpkin paper.  This download is the full color one.

E-mail David: info@tracts4u.com


Body Piercing – Is it for Me?


Helpful Information about the practice of Body Piercing leads into the World’s Most Significant and Costly Piercing – Jesus’ Death on the Cross for our Sins.  Double sided printing (work and tumble), fold, and three sided trim, makes two tracts per letter size sheet.  Using heavy weight paper helps prevent curl when using a color laser printer on glossy paper.   This PDF document contains a text field for adding your custom address.



World in a Mess


Bible tells us the world is messed up because mankind has turned from God to follow its own way.  The solution is to turn back to God.

Two Per legal size sheet printed both sides with a flip horizontal.  Cut sheet in half, fold in the middle.  Trim cover on three sides to make it a “full bleed”.  We can print these for you at 25 cents each plus shipping.    E-mail: info@tracts4u.com



World’s Greatest Offer

DownloadWorld's Greatest Offer thumbnail 5 29 2015

God, Through Jesus Christ, Offers Us Eternal & Abundant Life.  This is a 2 color document for laser printers and inkjets.  The PDF document has a text box for typing in church contact information when you open the document in the Adobe Acrobat Reader Program. For 2 Color duotone Printing Press Separations, e-mail David: info@tracts4u.com.


Why the Cross? (Easter)


Looks best when printed on glossy card stock.  Use letter size card.  Trim at crop marks to eliminate white borders.  When cut right, all four cards should be the same size.

Valentine’s Day Card Tract


Prints on both sides, on letter size card stock, 4 to a sheet, on a color Laser printer or Inkjet.  The World’s Most Important Prayer is on the back.  Trim each card just enough to bleed to the edge on all four sides.  Punch a hole in the upper left corner to attach to a bag of cookies as an Evangelism tool to reach your neighborhood.  Ribbon and plastic bags with hearts on them can be purchased at the dollar store.  For your own personalized contact address, e-mail David: info@tracts4u.com

World’s Most Important Prayer in English (Audio)

Play Audio

Sincerely prayed, aloud and from Your heart, this prayer gives you Eternal Life as a Free Gift, complements of Jesus Christ.
“Father God, I come before you in Jesus’ Name.  I ask you to reveal yourself to me, and come into my life, forgiving my sins by cleansing me with your blood.  Believing Jesus Christ died for me, and that you raised Him from the dead, I now confess Jesus Christ to be the Lord and Master of my life.  I command Satan to depart from me in Jesus’ Name!  Lord, now give me your promised free gift of eternal life, writing my name in your Book of Life.  Fill me with your Holy Spirit so I can follow and obey you.  Cause me to know you personally, and to experience your abundant life.  Thank you for hearing and answering this prayer as you promised you would.  Amen.”

Wise Men Still Seek Him!


A Christmas Tract – nine to a letter size page.  Two sided, Prayer of Salvation on back. For printing on a Color Laser Printer on Coated one side card stock or Index.  A “field” allows one to type in a contact address before printing.

His Print

WELCOME to HIS Print Media Ministries. I started HIS Print to promote the Gospel throughout the world, and provide tracts for witnessing and other resources for equipping the saints. Printing Instructions | do-tracts-work 6 28 2018

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Who…? small 4 panel color cover

Attributes of the Greatest Man who ever lived. You will want to meet/know Him personally, and you can! Here’s how. For color laser printer, two to a letter landscape sheet, manual duplex for printing backside. The writing and design of this tract is a God thing.