Smart Tracts

Definition – Smart Tracts are digital Evangelism documents made for social media and sharing with others by SMART devices by way of the cell phone network and the Internet. These messages start as letter size Microsoft Word documents and incorporate hyperlinks and bookmarks which carry over to the universal PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) file format.  Thus, these tracts don’t look like the smaller printed ones made on laser printers and printing presses – there is no colorful cover art to grab one’s attention.  One is presented with a more concise message, almost like an outline. Blue text can be clicked on with a computer mouse, or tapped on with a finger on SMART devices such as electronic tablets. In most cases the click or tap takes the reader to additional supporting information at the end of the document, like Bible verses that support the point being presented. Once one has downloaded the Smart Tract to his or her device, a WIFI connection is no longer needed. In some cases, hyperlinks do connect to an outside website resource on the Internet.

Note: When the title of Smart Tract listed below is clicked on to read it, one must then click on the thumbnail first page of the document that opens up next to read the document in a larger display view.

  1. Are You Going to Heaven?
  2. Messiahs Identity Revealed interactive  A PDF crossword puzzle document that allows one to use the computer to solve the mystery of Who the promised Messiah is.

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