April 2024 Pricing on Tracts, Booklets, Paperback Books – Printing we do for you  on one & two color Printing Presses, or Full Color Laser Printers

Note: We now have two heavy duty Canon ImagePress   color laser printers that do paper sizes up to 13″ x 19″, and speeds up to 75 pages per minute. We also can make 24″ wide by 59″ long posters. The minimum price for a color tract on this laser printer (two to a letter size sheet) should be 10 cents due to the high cost of repairs, consumables, and replaceable parts,; but, we are honoring the Free Tract Society price of $10 per pound which is cheaper.

HIS Print Media Ministries, designs and prints tracts, booklets, and paperback books.  Our Primary emphasis is Christian Evangelism.  All incoming money goes into a ministry account.  There are no paid employees.   We are volunteering our labor and years of printing experience.   If you like passing out tracts, and you want to make them yourself using the documents posted on this website, that is OK with us.  The Free Tract Society website,,  lets you look at 260downloadable ready to print  tract documents all in one convenient place in multiple languages. However, you will quickly find out that buying supplies/consumables for your inkjet or color laser printer is quite expensive.  We have two professional laser printers that do near photo quality, and a printing press that does two colors with exact color registration, and extensive bindery equipment, in our Print Shop.  Quantities of 2000 or less are done on the laser printer.  Minimum quantity printing press jobs are 5,000+ for one color, and 10,000+ for two color tracts.

Shipping for small jobs is by USPS Priority flat rate (domestic and international) envelopes and boxes. Booklets and books are shipped within the USA by USPS Media Mail which is the cheapest rate. We do not pay for the shipping. Current shipping rates are as follows:

Domestic USA, FPO and Protectorate territories:

Priority Flat Rate Regular flat rate Envelope (Holds up to 4 pounds unfolded tracts)  $9.85

Priority Flat Rate Legal size Envelope ((Holds up to 4 pounds unfolded tracts)   $10.15

Priority Medium flat rate Box (Holds 8+ pounds of unfolded tracts)  $18.40

Priority Large Flat rate Box (Holds 12 pounds of unfolded tracts) $24.75

International Priority Flat rate Envelopes and boxes – Price varies by region. Using Brazil as an example. Note that it costs more to ship the tracts than it does to print them. If you live outside the United States, you should consider getting a local church to print  your own Gospel Tracts from the supplied computer PDF documents.

Regular  & Large size envelopes (Maximum weight of 4 pounds with no customs slip required) $40.25

Medium Box (maximum 20 pounds and a customs form required) $74.60 USD

Large Box (maximum 20 pounds, and a customs form required) $88.05 USD

In my opinion, one should take an additional suitcase of tracts to a foreign country when traveling by Airplane. The next best choice for larger quantities of tracts (up to 66 pounds) is Airmail M Bag. As of 2017 M Bag started at 11 pounds for $51.55

The orange hyper-linked text after each category listed below is a link to a sample tract.  (Place mouse cursor over this colored text and do left click with computer mouse.  This takes you to the webpage on our site where the sample is located.  Scroll on that page to locate the title of the sample.  To view / print the document, click on download next to the thumbnail image of the sample document’s cover).  Although the links below are for English language tracts, we also have Spanish and other languages.  We can print any of the documents posted on this website, or a custom document you send us.  We can even help you design your own printable tract document or testimony tract (see Jerry Leonard Testimony  You can contact us by E-mail:; or, by cell phone: 805-452-5150 (David).  Tracts are printed on white paper.  Colored paper is special order, and a higher price.

1. One color ink, four tracts per letter size sheet.  $2 per 100.  How To Win

2. One color ink, two per letter size sheet.  $3 per 100. What Fills the Void?

3. Two colors of ink, two tracts per letter size sheet.  $4 per 100.  Run on Printing press.  10,000 minimum for custom contact address .  Why John 3:16?

4. Two colors of ink, two tracts per legal size sheet, run on printing press. $4.50 per 100 Who is Jesus?

5. Full color cards (glossy surface on front), 4 per letter size sheet, on color laser printer.  $10 per 100

You Are Loved!

6. Full color, two per letter size sheet, on color laser printer.  $10 per 100 (plain paper). $12+ per 100 (32lb glossy paper).  $15 per 100 (coated one side card stock, no fold) Are You Playing With Satan?, or Who…?

7. Full color, four per letter size sheet (32lb glossy paper).  $8 per 100.  $5 per 100 (plain paper)

How to Live Forever – There is Only One Way

8. Full color on both sides, tri-fold or bi-fold, one per letter size sheet (32lb. glossy paper) $50 per 100.

Prayer Changes Everything,

Messiah’s Identity Revealed

Booklet Tracts (stapled)

Small 2 3/4” tall x 4 1/8” wide, 16 pages, 2 color, on printing press.  $6 per 100 in large quantities.  Know Your Future (English, Spanish, French)

Letter half, color cover, plain paper, 12 pages.  $50 per 100.  Seven Things God Wants Us to Know

Booklets (letter half, legal half, tabloid half)

Letter half, coated one side card stock full color cover, plain paper content with full color graphics/pictures.  $5 each.  Note: booklet maker machine can do about 64 pages + cover.  Thicker booklets require more handwork.  My Miracle Stories

Paperback Books – Glossy coated one side card stock full color bleed to the edges cover. 100 pages to about 600 pages (letter half size), 300 pages in letter size.

Letter-half, 150-200 pages, color cover, black text and gray scale pictures on content pages. $7+ each.

Letter size, color pictures throughout, up to 439 pages.  My free E-book  Christian Evangelism Printing (a 12mb file size download), printed as a limited edition comb bind, with two DVDs in a pouch inside the back cover, cost me $29 per book to print!

Note: Companies like Xulon and Tate Publishing may charge $500 -899 for the first copy


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