Who Is Jesus? (in Russian?) by End-Time Handmaidens

Download Reproduced by scanning with new cover, 2 to a page, work and turn on tabloid paper (11 x 17), for color laser printer or wide format ink jet. Each tract trims on all 4 sides and is folded twice.  For a two color printing press version of this tract look for a future post.  […]

My Miracle Stories by Linda Lovato

Download God still works miracles today!  (Published as a printed booklet, but posted here for your reading enjoyment)

Con Que Se Llena Este Vacio? (What Fills the Void? Spanish)

Download The French physicist, San Pasquale, said, “There is a God-shaped void inside every person that only Jesus Christ can fill.”  Two to a page printable document, work and turn, for inkjet and color laser. Contains a field for typing in contact information before printing. For the printing press color separations version, e-mail David: info@tracts4u.com

Como Preencher O Vazio?

God created in man’s genes a desire to know Him, and without Him in one’s heart, people are not truly satisfied. Black and white, two tracts to a letter size sheet with a cut down the middle the long way and two folds. Printed both sides from the same artwork, this tract is a “work and turn”.