“How To Receive God’s Power” by Prince Handley


Who Is Jesus? (Hebrew) 2 color separations for a printing press

Download This is a 1200 dpi scan of a printed tract, reproduced and properly laid out at the highest possible quality to print two per legal size sheet. The Reflex Blue plate has a knockout for the PMS 185 red title and blue plate (page 1 of document) background in title area has been choked […]

Who Is Jesus (Hebrew) by End-Time Handmaidens

Download Two per legal size page for a color laser printer or inkjet.  1/4″ print margins with 3/8″ trim on cover end,  5/16″ trims on top and bottom, with 1/8″ trim down the middle. After two folds, the tract cover bleeds to the edge on all four sides.  This tract was reporduced using Adobe Photoshop […]

How To Win (Hebrew) letter size by Prince Handley

Download Help is needed to retype this in a 4 to a letter size page tract with a single fold.

How To Win (Arabic) letter size, by Prince Handley

Download This is letter size.  Help us make help make it 2 or 4 per page with a fold.

How To Win (Hindi) letter size by Prince Handley

Download Hindi is main dialect of India.  Help needed in making this into a 2 or 4 per page tract with a fold

Who Is Jesus? (Arabic) by End-Time Handmaidens

Download A high resolution scan of original tract two per legal size page, work  & turn (flip on short side for printing backside).  No contact information.  This is an example of how Adobe Photoshop and a high quality scanner are used to convert previously printed hard copy tracts to computer medium for reprinting. Converting the […]

Jerry Leonard Testimony

Download An Example of a Full Color Testimony Tract adapted from a magazine article and printed by HIS Print.  After folding and border trims, cover bleeds to the edges on all sides.  Ricoh color laser printer does near photo quality.

A Father’s Steadfast Love, Prayer Card

Download Example of a custom salvation tract for color laser printer made by HIS Print Media Ministries when client submits hard copy photographs & a  message.  Tracts printed by HIS Print at 10 cents each and prayer cards at 4 cents each.

Why John 3:16? English 2 color separations for offset printing

Download Black and PMS 185 pdf fliped horizontal pages for a two color exact registration offset printing press, with no contact address.  If address is needed, request info@tracts4u.com to make  documents with you custom address. This document is for a legal size film positive and provides a 7/8″ plate bend and 3/8″ gripper bite.   […]