Chinese Olympic Tract (simplified)

Download How to Win Message written by Prince Handley in Simplified Chinese.  Print and read; or, e-mail as a PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader)  attachment.  When printed on both sides as a “work & tumble”, makes two flyers after folds and trims.

Know Your Future tract booklet for Reading on a Computer

Download This PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) document is in easy to read order for a computer.  It  is less that 2 megabytes in file size and easy to share with other computer users by attaching it to an E-mail after saving the document on one’s computer.  This is a quick and easy Personal Evangelism Tool […]

Connais Ton Futur (Know Your Future in French) for Printers

Download A Press Quality 2 color separations document for making these four to a letter size sheet booklets on an exact registration printing press.  Booklet is 16 pages and laid out as 8 signatures.  After printing, the 4 double sided sheets are cut in half , collated, and run through a booklet maker with one […]

Know Your Future tract booklet (for offset printers)

Download June 2018 improved quality edition. A larger file size (22.6 megabytes) but quality PDF containing two color separations to make film positives on a laser printer, then make positive development metal printing plates.  These small booklets are laid out 4 per legal size sheet, and have a face trim, and top and bottom trim, […]

God’s Anointed Soul Winning Plan (in read order)

Download The exact words used by the World’s Greatest Personal Soul Winner, Larry Beckmann, to lead 170,000+ people to Eternal Life in 32 years.  This document is for reading, and forwarding to others.  This is not the document to be used by printers to reproduce the (24 pages + cover) booklet.  A follow up template […]