Evangelism Signs & Posters

We describe here how we have been making and using signs with the idea that you can design and possibly make your own evangelism signs using the PDF computer documents connected to this article by some clickable links that follow. We will help you design an Evangelism Poster in your native language. We are also providing clickable links to written blogs (about the MIRACLES and IMPORTANCE of Outdoor Gospel Signs by Apostle Dick Handley of www.realmiracles.org.

Download  This link is to a 5 page letter size document with color pictures, testimonies, poster making helps, and clickable download links to sign /poster documents. The article could not be displayed in this narrow column. What you see here is the smaller image sample of page 1









48 sequential poster size set of cartoons, along with 11 page guide of suggested explanations and related Bible verses in English. This tool allows one to present the Good News of Jesus message without the need for written words!  File size of PDF is about 22 megabytes. Download


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