Do Good People Go to Heaven?

Download If one does the math, the Heavenly City can hold a trillion people; and, God wants all of us to get there. If keeping the Ten Commandments (our good deeds) don’t qualify us to get there, then what will?

Who…? small 4 panel color cover

Attributes of the Greatest Man who ever lived. You will want to meet/know Him personally, and you can! Here’s how. For color laser printer, two to a letter landscape sheet, manual duplex for printing backside. The writing and design of this tract is a God thing. Download

Do You Know?

Some languages have different verbs for head knowledge and personal experience. Just reading the Bible or attending a church doesn’t save a person. One must enter into a relationship with God to achieve Heaven and obtain Eternal Life. This gospel tract is laid out two to a letter size sheet. Here are two quality PDFs […]