What Are Tracts?

Answer: Short written handouts that explain the good news that men can be made right with God through Jesus Christ.


Why Use Tracts?

Answer:A person who reads a tract can become a child of God in a matter of minutes, and know, based on God’s Bible promises that he or she is “accepted in the Beloved.”


Are Tracts Effective?

Answer: See the heading or post Why Use Tracts?


What Do Tracts Contain?

Answer: 1. An attention getting question or title and cover art that prompt the viewer to read beyond the cover.  2. A Bible based appeal that God has a better life for everyone who connects with God personally and serves Him. 3. God’s offer of Eternal Life as a free gift complements of Jesus Christ’s goodness given to us to make us right with God. 4. A prayer of Salvation whereby one becomes a child of God.  5. Bible promises assuring the reader that God has heard and answered his prayer.  6. A Church contact on the back page where one can find fellowship with other Christians, and be trained to grow into a mature disciple or follower of Jesus Christ who will, in turn, reach others.


How Do I Write My Own Tract?

Answer: See the free download 400+ page posted book Christian Evangelism Printing, A How To Do It Guide


How Can I Help?

Answer: We have a nice Printing facility with low overhead, and 15+ years experience in designing and printing documents, including books and booklets.  My wife and I are retired from secular careers, and receive no income, personally, from the jobs we do.  We are also  both ordained ministers who have been to Bible College. We help others with their evangelism printing ideas.  We desire that more people utilize our facility and experience.

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