Oriya Tract #3 pink paper

Download This tract is two per letter size sheet and a “work and tumble”. Print the first side of the paper, flip the paper 180 degrees on the long edge and then print the backside.  Cut the printed sheet in half,  and fold with row of little men on outside.

Oriya Tract #2 Goldenrod paper

Download Prints on letter size paper & is a “work and tumble”.  Print one side, then flip the sheet 180 degrees on the long side and print same image again.  Cut in half and fold with row of little men on the outside.  Makes two tracts per sheet.

Have You Been Hoodwinked?

Download Muslim Gunman at Fort Hood shows Islam is not a Religion of Peace or Love.  There is a God of Peace and Love, and He wants to live within us complements of His Son and Prophet Jesus Christ.