Tracts4U partners with other ministry groups worldwide to provide services for helping people to FIND God, to KNOW Him, and to GROW in Him and in the knowledge of His Word.

We are living in the last days of Planet Earth: the most exciting time to live in the history … [HIS STORY] … of the world.

Some of the organizations with which we partnership are:

The JESUS Film Project

The life of Jesus in both audio and video format in 1,000 languages. It can be viewed on your computer.

Audio CD Tracts – Download quality audio files of personal testimonies of death related Heaven and Hell experiences, and Divine Revelations.  Includes CD label artwork and instructions.

Christian Evangelism Witnessing Tools  Ray comforts organization has sold 160 million tracts. His approach of people missing God because of breaking His Ten Commandments, but finding mercy through the substitute punishment of Jesus Christ on the cross for us, is a Holy Spirit anointed soul winning plan.  Free E-tracts and materials are available for your download and use.

Free Topical Bible Portion Booklets in many languages from World Missionary Press – A Free printable Gospel Tract in almost 100 languages – the Bible on the internet in several languages and translations – Free internet Bible courses in more than one language.

Healing and Miracle Podcast

Resources and answers for specific problems:  spiritual, mental, physical, and healing of relationships.

You may listen OR read the full written text. Miracles happen while you study. Email lessons to friends.

E-Sword (Online Bible with Study Tools)

University of Excellence

A.C.T.I.O.N. Seminars

Advanced training for rabbis, pastors and workers. International meetings from 2 days to 5 weeks. Synagogue and church growth with MIRACLE services. Developing spiritually gifted teams of workers.

Prince Handley

Real Miracles

Voice of Israel Podcast

Voice of Israel Website

World Services Seminars and Teaching

Harvestime International Network

Divine Revelations

Pray and ask God HOW you may work with Him to further His Kingdom … and to reach the world for the Messiah of Israel.

You may re-print any of the literature shown on this website. Instructions are provided to show you HOW to do this.

Also, you may contact our partners to obtain FREE materials for publishing the word of the LORD … before the end of the world arrives.

God loves ALL people of ALL nations and wants them to hear the GOOD NEWS of how they can know Him personally and be SURE they will live with Him in Heaven when they die … plus work with Him here on earth before they go to Heaven!

Your friend,

Evangelist Dr. David A. Hupp,  President & Founder
Reverend Harriet Hupp,  Vice-President

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