Know Your Future booklet tract

Download 16 pages, four to a legal size page, 8 signatures,  4 double sided sheets, collate, staple, fold, 3 side trim.  For color laser printer, print at 96% to allow margins.  For printing press, request mirror image two color separations on tabloid layout for film  positives for metal plates.  Cost of materials (no labor) to […]

Conozca Su Futuro (Know Your Future Spanish tract booklet)

Download 16 pages, 4 to a page on legal size paper, 8 signatures, 4 doublesided sheets, collate, a staple, fold, trim on 3 sides.  Can be made for 5 cents each (cost of materials, no labor) on a printing press.  For color laser printer, print at 96% to allow for printer non print margins.  For […]

Connais Ton Futur (Know Your Future booklet tract)

Download Booklet tract (16 pages), 4 to a legal size sheet, 8 signatures on four sheets printed both sides.  Can be made as cheap as 2 1/2 cents each for cost of materials, on a printing press.  For a press, request mirror image color separations on tabloid sheet.  For color laser, print at 96% to […]

Oriya #4 tract on buff paper

Download A “work and tumble” 2 up on letter size paper.  Print one side and then flip the paper 180 degrees on the long side and print the backside.  Cut in half, then fold with row of little men on the outside.