Who Is Jesus? (English) 2 Color Separations for Printing Press

Download This document was totally recreated for a two color exact registration Offset Printing Press 2 per legal size sheet of paper.  The two suggested colors are Pantone Reflex Blue and Pantone 185 / 186 red.  The two PDF pages are flipped horizontal and made to print on 12″ by 18″ film positive in a  […]

Tract Making & Printing Instructions (30+ pages) by David Hupp

Download / Read Reproducing (by scanner  & Computer) and printing existing tracts a high quality  on a color laser printer or inkjet, making film positives and positive development metal plates for printing on a one or two color offset printing press.

Who Is Jesus? (English) by End-Time Handmaidens

Download This tract is in a lot of different languages.  It is completely reproduced like new  for a color laser printer or inkjet, prints 2 per  legal size sheet of paper, is a work and turn, has a 5/16″ trim off the top and bottom, 3/8″ off right side of the cover, with a 1/8″ […]