Who Is Jesus? (English) 2 Color Separations for Printing Press


This document was totally recreated for a two color exact registration Offset Printing Press 2 per legal size sheet of paper.  The two suggested colors are Pantone Reflex Blue and Pantone 185 / 186 red.  The two PDF pages are flipped horizontal and made to print on 12″ by 18″ film positive in a  tabloid laser printer’s manual feed tray.  The larger film size was chosen to be able to include the 7/8″ plate bend.  I can remake it to print in a legal size film positive.  The Adobe Indesign page layout program and Postscript level 3 print driver drops out the blue background where the red title prints over it and hopefully makes a “trap” to allow for slight misregistration between colors.  The  blue background is a tint or screen of Reflex Blue to allow the laser printer to make a more uniform image on the film positive.   Printed document requires a 5/16″ trim off top and bottom,  3/8″ off cover end, and a 1/8″ cut out of the middle.  The printed and cut out tract has two folds.

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