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RE: 1/29/2019 Help finishing & Publishing tract A Tourist’s Guide to Heaven

“God worked in my life over a period of time to put this tract together.  After I finished writing it, I didn’t know what to do next.  I knew I didn’t have the knowledge or equipment to do a good job of printing it.  After much searching online, I found the His Print Media Ministries website.  While I was reading David Hupp’s “Christian Evangelism Printing” book to get some background on this ministry, God confirmed that this was the right place to print the tract.  I called David, and he patiently answered my questions and encouraged me and prayed for me.  David and Harriet gave me wise editing advice and put in a lot of time and effort to find the best layout for a printed version of the tract.  This was complicated because the tract includes full color pictures of various sizes.  They also designed and created a really nice cover graphic.  After a number of review cycles, they put the finished version of the trace on their website as both a free download for printing and a free eBook.  They did all this work for no charge!  They will also print copies of the tract on request for a very reasonable price.  I felt that God was in this entire process, and I am extremely pleased with the result.”  Bill

URL links to this finished tract document:

Print document for 11″ x 17″ color laser printer: Download

Read order E-Tract document: Download

jesus-understands-original-cvr001Jesus Understands tract 2 up on letter portrait.indd








Testimonial to HIS Print Media Ministries received by e-mail on 9/14/2016

Note: This lady, Sonya, in Texas began corresponding by e-mail (from her android phone?) about our making her printed tracts look professional. She sent us printed samples. It looked like she has made a paste-up with scissors and glue, and then photocopied the tract. The size was odd, not made to fit on a normal piece of paper without a waste trim. She didn’t have better quality graphics on computer medium to give me. There were no scripture (Bible) verses, and prayer of salvation. She offered to pay for our help, and I suggested she send a ministry donation. I made the tract two colors and two to a letter size sheet of paper. I made a “press quality” PDF of the Adobe Indesign document, adding a form field to the PDF so a person could type in contact information before printing the document. I sent her the PDF by e-mail attachment. She had no means to print the tracts, so we are sending her $50 worth a 5¢ each printed on our color laser printer, and folded. Shipping for this order was about $8.05 by USPS Priority Flat Rate Envelope. We have been working with Sonya for about 4 years now. Here was initial response:

“Brother David, thank you sooo much, you will never know how grateful I am that l found you. You don’t have to put the address on back of the tracts Jesus understands. Yes l did get a chance to see them on my phone they are fine. Just what l was looking for. The price is fine also. Send me 50.00 worth first, and a order form for future tracts. That would help me out a lot. And l will always keep you in my prayers for your mission the mission work that you and your wife does. I appreciate you and your family God bless you with what you need. Amen.” Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

This tract is posted on this website as a “press quality” PDF document as well as a read order PDF Interactive. Click on the hyperlinked text above to be taken to the document.

RE: 100 Who Am I? (self-esteem raising) study guide paperback workbooks, letter size, printed for the chaplain of the Ventura County, CA jail for inmates.

From : Michael & Cory A.
To :
Received : 05-09-2014 02:30 PM

Dear David and Harriet,

The Study Guides are awesome! GREAT JOB David.

Thank you both for everything.

Check is in the mail.

Just imagine how God will use them. Praise the Lord.

Let us know if you are ever down this way. We would like to take you to lunch.




What Fills The Void Tract

Douglas M. 12 28 2015

Dear David,

It’s hard to tell you how much I appreciate all the work you did to reproduce the tract What Fills The Void tract for me. I received your 12/23/2015 letter and the sample tract. Yes I’ll purchase 200 to 300 at $0.22 each, whatever you can get in a USPS $5.90 flat rate box. I don’t need any specific church information on the tract. If you need to call me, my telephone number is 330-854-5940.

Your brother in Christ, Doug

Testimony related to downloading and using the Free God’s Anointed Soul Winning Plan booklet put together by HIS Print Media Ministries, and posted as a read order E-booklet for free download on the internet by Prince Handley

8:30 AM

To David Hupp

Dear Apostle Handley,

Thank you for the the free downloading of “God’s Anointing Winning Soul Plan”.

I never new that there is so much Joy and happiness in preaching the word of God. As you talk, you feel this fresh air blowing on you, more ideas coming into your brain.

Am very happy, extremely happy that am telling people about Jesus. So far I’ve succeeded in converting three(3) SOULS for Christ. But I found out that some of my friends are avoiding me. It doesn’t matter to me cos am happy working for Christ. May the Almighty God bless you sir.

October 23, 2013

Our PDF tracts displaying well on a tablet computer

Just recently we bought our first tablet computer and were really happy with how the tracts and website looked on a tablet. We know a while ago you had made a few tract booklets with tablets in mind and those ones are very easily read and flip from page to page nicely. The only thing we needed was a free download of the Adobe Reader app….and it looks as if, with the right kind of printer,  any of the tracts can be printed wirelessly. We think it’s important to create good content for the new tablets and smart phones as this seems to be a new direction for communication. The best kind of content for these devices seems to be short videos or pages with large type or simple graphics since many of these devices are small in size, yet have good video and audio capability.

God bless you, love and prayers from us all,

Joe & Laura & family

From:   David N. <>
 To:  Tracts4U <>
 Date:  Saturday, May 18, 2013 07:58 am
 Subject:  Thank you!

Dear Bro. & Sis. Hupp,
> We received the testimony booklets and, Wow! What a wonderful job you did! Thank you so much, and please pray that the Lord would use these in a mighty way! I hope to be burning your printing presses up with re-orders from all over the country!
> May Father bless you as you labor for Him,
> Bro. Dave
> John 3:30


RE Family Tracts: This family had me design a tract about 4 years ago, and now wanted the message and pictures upgraded.  They wanted it done in a timely manner because some of the family were leaving for Malaysia, and wanted the printed flyers to take with them.  They also wanted the English version tract translated into both Traditional and Simplified Chinese for the trip.  Using Microsoft Word 2007, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign CS5, and Acrobat 9 Pro, we were able to work together with the translators and send PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) proofs by e-mail attachment.  The  job entailed a full bleed cover picture which required precise trimming and exact folding.  The printed flyers/tracts were shipped by USPS flat rate priority medium sized box.  The order was received in advance of the trip.  This family works for Wycliffe Bible translators.  In this case, we only charged for the printing and shipping, not charging for labor or putting the new document together.  We even arranged for a translator who volunteered his services, even though he was out of work.  The D’Amatos’, in appreciation, gave us an extra $50, some of which will offset an offering we gave to the translator.

Rev. David Hupp, coordinator,  HIS Print Media Ministries

February 21, 2013

Dear David & Harriet,

“Just a note to express our appreciation for your labor of love to print out our family tracts.  We appreciate your attention to detail and strive for excellence – attained!!  We pray for you and your ministry as the Lord uses you and your talents for the furtherance of His Great Kingdom which will have no end.  We also appreciate prayer that these tracts will serve Him.”

In Christ’s Love, Peter, Molly, Naomi, Joshua, David, and Ethan

February 2017 – D’Amato tract updated and a Japanese version made

We greatly appreciate David and Harriet’s labor of love in getting personalized tracts edited, proof read, improved and printed in short order.  The quality of their work is excellent because they know who they really serve…..The Lord.   The Hupps have helped us for over 10 years and we are confident that they can help you with your routine and custom tract needs.  May the Lord Bless the Hupps and their vital ministry for the Lord.  Peter & Molly D’Amato, Texas
RE: 5,000 Cambodian tracts with address printed on Color Laser Printer

Hi Rev David,

I had received the tracts today 4/21/15 and thank you so much for urgent delivery. You and your wife did a fantastic job and God bless you both.


August 12, 2012

Hello David And Harriet,

“We’re so blessed to hear about what God is doing in your ministry and we’re very happy to hear about the print run for Samuel on his tract. It’s a real answer to prayer for us, as people have often asked where they could get tracts printed, and now it is amazing to be able to point them to you who are truly anointed at the job! Praise God!”

God bless you, love and prayers from us all,

Joe & Laura & family

RE: How To Live Forever tracts sent to the Philippines

From : Norma M.
Sent : Thursday, March 30, 2006 3:24 AM
To : David Hupp <>
Subject : THANKS
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Hi David,
I got finally got the tracts from the post office. I like it. Beautiful, first class.

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