Seven Things God Wants Us To Know – read order e-tract

Download Share This On Social Media!  There is Life After Death! This new edition shows security camera video snapshots of people’s human spirits leaving their bodies at the point of physical death.  Dr. Ian Stevenson, a professor of Psychiatry told Reader’s Digest, “I think it prudent to prepare for the eventuality.” This very successful read […]

Three Keys for Success in the Christian’s Life e-booklet

Download  In 1982, God the Holy Spirit gave the author three foundational principles for Christians to study. Now, in 2021, here is the Free 88 page PDF interactive e-booklet. With internet access, clickable words in the text connect the reader to additional online information, songs, etc. The document displays best on smart phones when opened […]

Conozca Su Futuro

Download Read order Spanish e-booklet for sharing by Social Media. We have all broken God’s 10 Commandments and we need another way of getting right with God than trying to obey the rules. Jesus dying in or place for our sins allowed God to legally give us  Jesus’ goodness and eternal life as a free […]

L’Chaim – To Life Stickers

Download The American Messianic Fellowship printed a booklet by this title. Menorah Ministries got permission to make an online version of the booklet and posted it on their website.  This document is for the 6 to a page printed stickers containing the QR code that takes a smart phone or tablet with camera, and internet […]

Victory in Christ

Download 24 page read order PDF e-booklet Testimony of Evangelist David Naylor – from prisoner in solitary confinement to preacher. Includes pictures. Note: Left click on the computer mouse to advance the pages, and right click to go backwards.