Halloween Tracts 2023 – Here are clickable links to all available English and Spanish Halloween tracts by title. The documents are either quality print documents; or, read order lower quality tracts waiting to be converted to print documents for color laser printers. These two  Spanish and English thumbnail images are  examples of  quality digital reproductions […]

Living Water – The Ultimate Thirst Quencher clearer artwork

Download God our Creator, programmed into our genetic makeup (DNA), a thirst to find and know Him. This version has been adjusted to look centered after folding, and the cover art emphasizes Jesus and the woman at the well, rather than the background. printing is 2 pages, two-sided, and has two folds. Two tracts to […]

Living Water – The Ultimate Thirst Quencher

Download God our Creator programmed into our DNA (genetic makeup) the need to know and have a personal relationship with Him. Only Jesus, the Source of “Living Water”, can fill this Void. Prints 2 to a letter size sheet with 3/16″ margins. Has two folds.

Porque Vino El?

Download  Spanish, 2 tracts per letter size sheet with address field.  

Why Did He Come – Christmas Tract

Download  Full color remake for color laser printer w address field. Consider: “If there had been another (less costly) way that God could have reconnected a sinful world back to Himself, other than sending his only Son to die on the cross for our sins, don’t you think He would have know about it and […]

Que Llevas en Tu Bolsa?

Download Spanish Halloween tract with type in box contact field. Two to a letter size sheet. 3/16″ minimum margin at bottom.  

Trick or Treat

Download Reproduced Halloween Gospel Tract, for color laser printer or inkjet. One tract per letter size sheet with bottom trim and two folds. PDF File size of download is about 37 megabytes. Includes a type in the box field for adding contact information. Note: There are two additional Halloween tracts posted on this website.

Destination Heaven!

Download  The Bible states that the free gift of eternal life is now being offered to all men everywhere If we receive it God’s way, on His terms. Here’s how.  

Do Good People Go to Heaven?

Download If one does the math, the Heavenly City can hold a trillion people; and, God wants all of us to get there. If keeping the Ten Commandments (our good deeds) don’t qualify us to get there, then what will?

Who…? small 4 panel color cover

Attributes of the Greatest Man who ever lived. You will want to meet/know Him personally, and you can! Here’s how. For color laser printer, two to a letter landscape sheet, manual duplex for printing backside. The writing and design of this tract is a God thing. Download