Download Nice qualities about the unknown person (Jesus Christ) seen in the background, and how to know Him personally on the backside of the tract.  Size 5 1/2″ by 8 1/2″ 2 up for a color laser printer.  Nice on card stock.  Designed by HIS Print Media Ministries.


One Response to “Who…?”

  1. Dear Reader, if you subscribed to the blog (daily podcasting by Prince Handley?) then you would want to contact Prince Handley: edwinhandley@gmail.com Regarding the main website hosted by HIS Print Media Ministries, I can help you with that. The World’s two most important questions are: Where will I spend eternity – with or without God and Jesus? And, secondly, how can I know for sure. Eternal life and right standing with God are free gifts complements of Jesus Christ (God the Son) who died in our place to reunite us with God. But this only happens when we personally ask Jesus into our hearts and lives as Savior, Master, and Lord. Have you prayed aloud and done that? The assurance of salvation is God’s promise in his inspired Word, the Holy Bible. For example, I John 2:25 “And this is the promise He has promised us: eternal life.” I suggest you look at the English Free Bible Studies posted on the website written by Prince Handley. Love, Evangelist David Hupp