World’s Most Important Prayer in English (Audio)

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Sincerely prayed, aloud and from Your heart, this prayer gives you Eternal Life as a Free Gift, complements of Jesus Christ.
“Father God, I come before you in Jesus’ Name.  I ask you to reveal yourself to me, and come into my life, forgiving my sins by cleansing me with your blood.  Believing Jesus Christ died for me, and that you raised Him from the dead, I now confess Jesus Christ to be the Lord and Master of my life.  I command Satan to depart from me in Jesus’ Name!  Lord, now give me your promised free gift of eternal life, writing my name in your Book of Life.  Fill me with your Holy Spirit so I can follow and obey you.  Cause me to know you personally, and to experience your abundant life.  Thank you for hearing and answering this prayer as you promised you would.  Amen.”

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