The World’s Most Important Prayer QR code labels

DownloadWMIP QR Avery 8164 6 up thumbnail

Document for 6 to a page labels for Avery brand #5524 (or equivalent) die cut all weather label paper for a laser printer.  When one takes a picture of the code with a smart phone or tablet with a built in camera that has the qr code reading app installed, the code links to the website page titled World’s Most Important Prayer (in English).  The page contains a media player that plays the prayer.  The words or transcript of the message are also written there, so one can follow along.  The idea is that people will say the prayer aloud after the speaker and become a child of God through faith in Jesus Christ.      To better understand what happens when one prays this prayer, click on this link to download the free e-booklet titled: What it Means to be Born Again — Understanding God’s Plan of Salvation: Download  Please e-mail David at to help make a Spanish version of this post on the website.

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