How to Live Forever Cambodian


A 4 per letter size sheet Gospel tract. This message was given to the late Dr. Esther Mallet by a divine revelation from God. God told her this tract would go all over the world. We are helping this come to pass.  You can use your computer to type in contact information on the last page of the pdf. For a Microsoft Word 2007 document (along with the Khmer fonts), please e-mail David:

Note: The contact information field box cannot be used (typed in) in the website viewer – One must first open the document in the Adobe Acrobat reader program. This tract was improved 9/19/2017

Note 2: To save on printing cost, this tracts can be printed in black ink only rather than color. The brown colored text will turn to gray but the graphics will be OK. Request by e-mail a PDF with all black text. We tried to print this as a two color (black and brown) tract on the printing press, but it didn’t work because our original computer document was made in Microsoft Word 2007 and not in Adobe Indesign CS5.






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