Messiah’s Identity Revealed QR code stickers

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These labels/stickers are 6 to a page on Avery Label template 5164 or equivalent.  When a smart phone or tablet with a built in camera, the QR code reader app, and access to the internet, scans  the code (on a quality printed label) from about 6 inches away, the phone goes online to Rich Deem’s website and the document titled Jesus Christ – Messiah of the Rabbinical Writers (used by permission of Dr. F. Kenton Beshore, President of The World Bible Society).  If a Jewish person studies these Jewish Scriptures: Torah, Prophets and Writings, then sincerely prays, asking the Lord for a personal revelation of this Messiah, and the saving of his soul by the atoning sacrifice of this Messiah; according to the promise of the Lord’s word, the Holy Bible, he will be saved, and come to experience Yeshua Personally.

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