Who…? small 4 panel color cover

Attributes of the Greatest Man who ever lived. You will want to meet/know Him personally, and you can! Here’s how. For color laser printer, two to a letter landscape sheet, manual duplex for printing backside. The writing and design of this tract is a God thing.


Do You Know?

Some languages have different verbs for head knowledge and personal experience. Just reading the Bible or attending a church doesn’t save a person. One must enter into a relationship with God to achieve Heaven and obtain Eternal Life. This gospel tract is laid out two to a letter size sheet. Here are two quality PDFs for printing tracts: Manual Duplex Printer, Auto Duplex Printer. For standard 20lb weight paper, a color laser printer makes a better picture quality and less see through than an inkjet printer. Here is a read order e-tract version for sharing by social media.

Messiah’s Identity Revealed


A Crossword puzzle reveals who the promised Jewish Messiah is. This new format is full color, two to a letter size sheet for a color laser printer.

Download  A full color four fold smaller size, two to a letter size sheet. Not a cross word puzzle. Trims to make a full bleed cover.

Download  This is a computer interactive Crossword puzzle version that allows one to type in the answers using a computer. It is not for printing, but social media sharing.

Hindi – The Baptism in the Holy Spirit – Read order PDF E-tract for computer or smart phone


Urdu – Who is Jesus?


Prints two to a legal size sheet. Print front side. Flip paper on short edge, print second side. Cut in half the long way to get two tracts 4.25″ tall by 14″ wide. Fold into fourths with title showing.



How to Win Creole for Haiti

4 to a letter size sheet. Print one side, flip paper on short edge, print backside. Cut in fourths and fold in half.

How to Win Amharic (Ethiopia)


Read order “E-tract” Download

CEMTHE Cebuano Healing


Print 2 to a letter size sheet. Two sided. Folded size is 5.5″ tall by 4.25″ wide

Yesu Ni Nani (Who is Jesus? in Swahili)


Swahili version of English Who is Jesus?  Prints two to a legal size sheet. Print one side, then flip paper on short edge and print again. Cut in half and trim (before or after folding) so there is no white border on the cover of the tract after it is folded into fourths.


Tagalog – How to Live Forever – There is Only One Way


Letter size sheet. Print one side, flip paper over, print back, check alignment, cut into fourths.