Download Where will I spend eternity, and how can I know for sure.

Tesoros en el Cielo

Download How to have Treasures in Heaven read order Spanish e-tract for sharing by Social Media. This is a sample of what the same booklet printed on the printing press looks like. The booklet explains why witnessing to others about Jesus is important, and it includes the prayer of salvation.

Como obtener paz con Dios

Download How to Obtain Peace with God  in Spanish read order e-booklet tract for sharing on Social Media.

Seven Things God Wants Us To Know

Download Hope For Homeless Youth in Los Angeles, CA designed this booklet tract and has used it to bring over 3,000 people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. For a printable booklet layout, e-mail David at:

Who Is Jesus?

Download A read order tract for viewing on computers, smart phones, and tablets.  It can be circulated for free by e-mail attachment or forwarding. Let’s do it!

World’s Most Important Prayer

Download Bible guidelines for successful praying, and the prayer that God considers most important – the one that erases our sins, makes us a child of God, and gives us Eternal Life as a Free Gift. The printable version is another post.

Life’s 2 Most Important Questions

Download E-tract An 8 page read order tract on How to make a Reservation for Heaven, and God’s assurance that you’ll get there. On smart phones and tablets, use a finger to touch the screen and “wipe” to the side to advance or go back a page.  On laptops and desktops, left or right click the […]

Terseros en el Cielo – E-librito


Treasures in Heaven – read order e-tract

Download For reading on computers and tablet devices, and forwarding by e-mail attachment.  Two color hard copy booklets may  be ordered in English and Spanish in minimum quantities of 5,000.  Contact David:  This booklet has a prayer of salvation and encourages readers to follow the Bible in sharing their faith, giving, Bible reading, prayer, […]

What Fills the Void? (read order)