Oriya Tract #2 Goldenrod paper


Prints on letter size paper & is a “work and tumble”.  Print one side, then flip the sheet 180 degrees on the long side and print same image again.  Cut in half and fold with row of little men on the outside.  Makes two tracts per sheet.

Have You Been Hoodwinked?


Muslim Gunman at Fort Hood shows Islam is not a Religion of Peace or Love.  There is a God of Peace and Love, and He wants to live within us complements of His Son and Prophet Jesus Christ.

Who Is Jesus? (English) 2 Color Separations for Printing Press


This document was totally recreated for a two color exact registration Offset Printing Press 2 per legal size sheet of paper.  The two suggested colors are Pantone Reflex Blue and Pantone 185 / 186 red.  The two PDF pages are flipped horizontal and made to print on 12″ by 18″ film positive in a  tabloid laser printer’s manual feed tray.  The larger film size was chosen to be able to include the 7/8″ plate bend.  I can remake it to print in a legal size film positive.  The Adobe Indesign page layout program and Postscript level 3 print driver drops out the blue background where the red title prints over it and hopefully makes a “trap” to allow for slight misregistration between colors.  The  blue background is a tint or screen of Reflex Blue to allow the laser printer to make a more uniform image on the film positive.   Printed document requires a 5/16″ trim off top and bottom,  3/8″ off cover end, and a 1/8″ cut out of the middle.  The printed and cut out tract has two folds.

Tract Making & Printing Instructions (30+ pages) by David Hupp

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Reproducing (by scanner  & Computer) and printing existing tracts a high quality  on a color laser printer or inkjet, making film positives and positive development metal plates for printing on a one or two color offset printing press.

Who Is Jesus? (English) by End-Time Handmaidens


This tract is in a lot of different languages.  It is completely reproduced like new  for a color laser printer or inkjet, prints 2 per  legal size sheet of paper, is a work and turn, has a 5/16″ trim off the top and bottom, 3/8″ off right side of the cover, with a 1/8″ cutout down the middle .  This is an example of reproducing (with author’s permission) a hard copy tract that is equal to  or better quality than the original.  The Adobe Indesign drop shadows on the title could not be carried over in making the PDF.

“How To Receive God’s Power” by Prince Handley


Who Is Jesus? (Hebrew) 2 color separations for a printing press


This is a 1200 dpi scan of a printed tract, reproduced and properly laid out at the highest possible quality to print two per legal size sheet. The Reflex Blue plate has a knockout for the PMS 185 red title and blue plate (page 1 of document) background in title area has been choked to trap under the red.   Gripper bite is 5/16″ but 3/8″ gripper could also work (text will shift in the columns).  The two PDF document pages are read wrong / flip horizontal / mirror image for making a film positive on a color laser printer from which to make a metal printing plate.  3/8″ trims off the cover end, 5/16″ trims off the top and bottom, and 1/8″ trims out of the middle.  The tract is a work and turn so only one set of plates is required.  Tract has two folds and the Hebrew language reads from right to left.

Who Is Jesus (Hebrew) by End-Time Handmaidens


Two per legal size page for a color laser printer or inkjet.  1/4″ print margins with 3/8″ trim on cover end,  5/16″ trims on top and bottom, with 1/8″ trim down the middle. After two folds, the tract cover bleeds to the edge on all four sides.  This tract was reporduced using Adobe Photoshop and a 1200 dpi scanner.  A two color  separation version (flipped horizontal, but no plate bend, and 5/16″ gripper bite)  is also available for making a film positive and a metal plate for printing this on a two color exact registration printing press.  This tract is available in quite a few languages, and can be purchased directly from End-Time Handmaidens at a very low cost per tract.

How To Win (Hebrew) letter size by Prince Handley


Help is needed to retype this in a 4 to a letter size page tract with a single fold.

How To Win (Arabic) letter size, by Prince Handley


This is letter size.  Need help making it 2 or 4 per page with a fold.