Why John 3:16? English 2 color separations for offset printing

Why Jn 3 16 2 clr Eng 4 PDF 3 2011.inddDownload

Black and PMS 185 pdf fliped horizontal pages for a two color exact registration offset printing press, with no contact address.  If address is needed, request info@tracts4u.com to make  documents with you custom address. This document is for a legal size film positive and provides a 7/8″ plate bend and 3/8″ gripper bite.   See laser printer document post on this website for how two color printed copy is to look or register between the colors. A newer version is easier to register on a printing press because it does not have two colors of text on the same line. To get the newer document, e-mail David: info@tracts4u.com

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