Who Is Jesus (Hebrew) by End-Time Handmaidens


Two per legal size page for a color laser printer or inkjet.  1/4″ print margins with 3/8″ trim on cover end,  5/16″ trims on top and bottom, with 1/8″ trim down the middle. After two folds, the tract cover bleeds to the edge on all four sides.  This tract was reporduced using Adobe Photoshop and a 1200 dpi scanner.  A two color  separation version (flipped horizontal, but no plate bend, and 5/16″ gripper bite)  is also available for making a film positive and a metal plate for printing this on a two color exact registration printing press.  This tract is available in quite a few languages, and can be purchased directly from End-Time Handmaidens at a very low cost per tract.

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