Who Is Jesus? (Hebrew) 2 color separations for a printing press


This is a 1200 dpi scan of a printed tract, reproduced and properly laid out at the highest possible quality to print two per legal size sheet. The Reflex Blue plate has a knockout for the PMS 185 red title and blue plate (page 1 of document) background in title area has been choked to trap under the red.   Gripper bite is 5/16″ but 3/8″ gripper could also work (text will shift in the columns).  The two PDF document pages are read wrong / flip horizontal / mirror image for making a film positive on a color laser printer from which to make a metal printing plate.  3/8″ trims off the cover end, 5/16″ trims off the top and bottom, and 1/8″ trims out of the middle.  The tract is a work and turn so only one set of plates is required.  Tract has two folds and the Hebrew language reads from right to left.

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