When You’re Dead, You’re not Done

When Youre Dead tract.inddDownload

Single fold gospel tract, 2 to a letter size sheet for inkjet or color laser printer.

How will You come to Church?

How will you come to Church 2 up on ltrr.inddDownload

Three fold Gospel tract, 2 to a letter size sheet, for inkjet or color laser printer.

What’cha Looking For?

Watcha Looking For tract.inddDownload

Three fold Gospel tract, two per letter size sheet, for inkjet or color laser printer.

Jesus Understands e-tract

Jesus Understands tract 2 up on letter portrait.indd


Read order e-tract of printable version, for sharing by social media and e-mail attachment. A PDF Interactive document that allows one to turn pages with the wipe of a finger on portable smart devices.

Jesus Understands

Jesus Understands tract 2 up on letter portrait.inddDownload

Three Fold Gospel Tract with Prayer of Salvation. For Inkjet or Color Laser Printer. Prints Two per letter size sheet. This is a good example of someone submitting a one color hand made printed tract so it can be turned into a quality printable two color computer document. This PDF allows one to type contact information on the back page before printing.

Life's 2 Most Important Questions thumbnail 10 2013Download

Where will I spend eternity, and how can I know for sure.

Conozca Su Futuro

DownloadKYF Spn read order e-booklet web thumbnail

Read order Spanish e-booklet for sharing by Social Media. We have all broken God’s 10 Commandments and we need another way of getting right with God than trying to obey the rules. Jesus dying in or place for our sins allowed God to legally give us  Jesus’ goodness and eternal life as a free gift, when we ask Jesus to come into our hearts as our Lord and Savior.

Tesoros en el Cielo

DownloadTreasure in Heaven Spanish web thumbnail

How to have Treasures in Heaven read order Spanish e-tract for sharing by Social Media. This is a sample of what the same booklet printed on the printing press looks like. The booklet explains why witnessing to others about Jesus is important, and it includes the prayer of salvation.

Como obtener paz con Dios

Como Obtener Paz con Dios web thumbnailDownload

How to Obtain Peace with God  in Spanish read order e-booklet tract for sharing on Social Media.

Seven Things God Wants Us To Know

7 Things 4 e booklet.inddDownload

Hope For Homeless Youth in Los Angeles, CA designed this booklet tract and has used it to bring over 3,000 people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. For a printable booklet layout, e-mail David at: info@tracts4u.com