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This tab on our website is twofold. 1) It uses pictures and text to highlight how God is blessing and expanding HIS Printing ministry through us. 2) It shows the type of print jobs we have been doing recently to show you the kind of work we are capable of doing.

January 2018 – 40,000 Know Your Future Booklet tracts

I wanted to pay the utilities, insurance, and building taxes each month, but was only making $900 a month Social Security retirement. A Christian in India we had been sending tracts to e-mailed me that the Lord had shown him that jobs and money would be coming in. My wife noted that we needed more English booklet tracts and wrote it on the shop blackboard as a project. She sensed that the author of the booklet had died and we needed to get in touch with their organization to see what was going on. The son, Andy, was now in charge, his dad had died, he needed more of these booklets, and the Christian printing company he had been using in Palm desert had been destroyed in a fire! We made The Wayside Harvesters, Inc. 20,000 booklets and delivered them on the way back from a Christmas vacation to comfort a widowed relative. We decided to print extras. I had learned so much since I had started printing these booklets in the year 2000, I was able to do 8,500 sheets an hour for 80,000 sheets (for 40,000 booklets) with no paper jams. Two volunteers helped with the bindery work and we finished and went on vacation with only a day to spare! It had taken multiple volunteers a week to finish. We were paid $1,275 for the job. I switched the city bills to an automatic payment from our ministry checking account, and we are trusting God to continue helping us pay the bills. Yesterday a reprint request came in for 500 prisoner to minister full color testimony booklets titled “Wanted for Crimes Against Humanity…”.




















November 20, 2017 – Seven Things God Wants Us to Know booklet tract has amazing soul winning results.

Before 2008 I started printing for Hope For Homeless Youth at the Dream Center in Los Angeles. Pastor Clayton had made paste-up artwork for a booklet tract they were making on a photocopier. When the booklet was passed out and discussed to a group of young people, many would pray and ask Jesus into their hearts as personal Lord and Savior. To date, 3,500 people have come to Jesus using this booklet which we now print.  I improved the quality and converted it to computer medium. We also made a Spanish version. Both are posted for free use on this website. In this picture, Pastor Clayton took people to Pasadena High School to do a presentation using these booklets and a survey. These are four of seven saved through this outreach, which he plans to make a regular event. We print this job on our one color Ryobi printing press,  collate it using our electric collator, then run it through our booklet maker. Today we finished and are shipping 1,000 more booklets for a Christmas outreach.

June 2017 – 30,000 Gospel tracts made for Evangelism in Mexico

About 1999, Alfredo Valdez, a Christian prison art inmate on death row in San Quentin prison sent me a copy of an unfinished art work titled Why John 3:16?, asking me to write a message to go with it. The Lord had told me I would write things that would help other people, whether I thought it would help them or not. Audrey Revell of Dore Studio in San Francisco furnished me on CD, a collection of this and other artwork for making tracts. I made a tract with the artwork as the cover. Later we separated the artwork into two spot colors for our larger printing press.  My wife used Adobe Photoshop to erase the English title so I could substitute a Spanish title. In 2000 We began printing and giving the English and Spanish tracts to 10+ ministries. We figure we have now printed 100,000+ of these tracts. I pray the Lord will do the same with the other 15 tracts He has anointed me to design and print. The printable PDF documents for these tracts are posted on this website. Some documents allow one to add a custom contact address before printing. The Free Tract Society now uses our Porque Juan 3:16? Spanish tract document to print the tract themselves, with their contact information. I may add more prison art tracts in our collection to this website.

March 2017 – Online Bible University coming

We were asked to take an accredited Bible University established in 1970 and make an Internet (Online) version to train and ordain ministers world wide. We had never started a website from scratch, but are making progress after a strong confirmation by God the Holy Spirit that He wants us to do this project. “The will of the Lord makes a way for itself.” For University on the Air (presently offline), we are having to convert  books printed   before there were computers, into fresh text using OCR (optical character recognition) software. The fresh text PDF books digital file size is greatly reduced for fast upload and download from the upcoming new website. The website and domain name hosting company only allows a 30 megabyte maximum file size upload. We are glad to learn new skills as we accomplish this new project.

April 2017 RE: Our Easter card tract

We design tracts and post the documents for free use on this website with the anticipation that people will print and distribute the literature as an evangelism tool to bring people to know Jesus Christ personally. This year, we printed batches of this tract for a Rescue Mission banquet for the homeless, as well as what you see here for our Easter Rescue Mission Chapel service – we have been doing their weekly chapel services for over 7 years.  We printed and mailed 330 for Our Dog Ministry, a Christian homeless camps outreach in the Fresno, CA area.  Pastor friends asked us to make them some for their church in southern California, and for  the Cross satellite television network in Duarte, CA.  A couple of years ago, a church pastor in the Odissa Province of India wanted, on short notice, an Orriya language version of this to pass out early Easter morning in their predominately Hindu religion location – He got the tracts just in time, like the day before the event, even though my computer had problems displaying and printing their language.

October 14, 2016 – Reproducing & Making Professional, 7 Gospel Tracts

Mrs. Butler from Texas, with her friends, has been witnessing for the Lord in surrounding apartment complexes for the past 25 years. They used Gospel tracts she designed and printed using the old technology “cut & paste” “camera ready” artwork, making copies on a photo copier. She found out about us through the internet and sent me, by postal mail, her 7 paste ups, asking that I make the tracts professional, which would include converting them to computer documents. I found new clip art, and scanned and cleaned some of her line art drawings using Adobe Photoshop. I assembled the graphics, adding spot color and fresh text. I did the layout for color laser printer; and so I could separate the colors for a possible larger quantity printing on our two color printing press. Here is a clickable link to PDF document tract-remake-comparisons showing before and after pictures of each tract, as well as a black only version of the last tract. It took days of work , e-mail and phone texting communication. Now that we have a business in the city with monthly utility bills, we asked for a donation for our labor plus a per tract printing fee, plus shipping. When Mrs. Butler saw the PDF of the first of her tracts, she e-mailed, “I am soooo glad I found you!” As a bonus, we are posting these tract documents on our website for free use, as well as making read order “e-tract” PDFs  for sharing by social media.

Note: We are now able to issue tax deductible receipts for donations we receive.

September – October 2016 – Doing jobs at our new location

After passing all city inspections and getting our non-profit tax exempt city business license, we began production work at the Print Shop location. First I made more paperback books and booklets a ministry couple who came and stayed with us so we could work on getting their newest paperback book, Answering the Call to Missions, ready to print. We made more brochures, business cards, book advertisements, and e-books on CDs for their upcoming conference back east. We reproduced, with nice labels, two testimony DVDs.

Before they arrived, we were told that the heads of our parent organization, Mercy International, Inc., were going to an evangelistic outreach in Mexico. We printed, cut and folded 10,000 Porque Juan 3:16? (Why John 3:16?)  two color prison art Gospel tracts I wrote and designed, delivering the donation to the home of the ministers leaving for Mexico the next week. We printed an extra 10,000 of these tracts without a contact address, for sale in our  tract display room.

June 26, 2016 – Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree davids-dd-degree-4-web-bestfor David Hupp from EMIBU, accredited with ACI, the world’s largest non-governmental accrediting agency.

September, 2016 – Christian Evangelism Printing moves to the city of Santa Maria, within 2 miles of where we live. The building (1900 square feet) was bought by Harriet’s family trust. We got approval from the city to get a non-profit tax exempt business license as a subsidiary of Mercy International, Inc.  The equipment is all in place and operational. We passed two city inspections and have been given the OK to do business at that location. Highlights of the move were: 1. Homeless people in the area would see we needed help and volunteer to help us a critical points. 2. A man in Canada we have never met contacted us by e-mail and said he wanted to pay the $437.50 tow truck fee to move the 2,800 lb 2 color Ryobi printing press, something we couldn’t do ourselves.  3) for the two smaller presses, we rented a heavy duty motorcycle trailer.  We arrived with the loaded trailer Saturday late afternoon.  It had to be returned to a nearby city the next day at 11AM. A homeless retired carpenter came and worked until midnight with winches and dollies to get the presses inside the building and into position. 4) An electrician added a 220 volt sub panel in the press room for five pieces of equipment that needed designated outlets. Unknown to us, he evidently didn’t have a current state license, and didn’t get a city permit to do the work, so the city wouldn’t inspect the work and give us a business license without a permit. A ministry team in Bakersfield we did a small booklet for titled How to be More Than a Conqueror, had taken an interest in our ministry and had us as guests on their internet TV show Open Up. The husband, Robert, had a commercial electrical contractor’s license. He worked with us by phone, fax and e-mail to handle the whole job to get the permit and pass the inspection.  A local electrical engineer said drawing a plan would cost $2000!  I scanned the small floor plan blueprint copy off the real estate paperwork, and enlarged it and used Adobe Photoshop to draw in the additional electrical circuits along with typed explanations. I stood on God’s promise in Romans 8:28 in the bible that He was turning this all for good. From there it was smooth sailing to get our permits, pass remaining inspections and get our non-profit business license. 5) By spray painting white over the existing Teamster’s Union signs, I was able to design a sign on the computer, have a sign shop print it and apply it, and get the city to approve it at no charge. We went to our neighbors to use their fax machine. It was the husbands day off and he and his son volunteered to come and screw the signs in place.















































August 2016 – We Spent 2+ weeks making comb bind books for a Bible University for their Fall semester. Some of these books had been created in 1970 when the university began, so they were not on computer medium. Successive copying without a designated original had resulted in crooked pages and unwanted background image. We printed from saved computer documents we had previously converted to digital medium. We were also given more books to convert. By converting the digital book files to PDF Interactive and slightly reducing the quality to get a smaller file size, the resulting e-books can be used in the online version of the university. When the website builder Go Daddy software said the maximum file upload was 30 megabytes, we realized cutting the books into parts wouldn’t work. Using Omnipage 17 and Abbyy 6 OCR (optical character recognition) software programs, we were able to convert the books to fresh text, and pictures taking the file size down to less than 30 megabytes for each textbook.

November to December 2016 – We enjoy working with outreach ministries, especially those helping the poor and homeless. We knew the season for county funded networking of churches to house people in times of rain or really cold weather was at hand. We contacted the director and printed and delivered the wallet sized cards pictured here. We also gave them directly to agencies we knew like the Rescue Mission and Salvation Army, and the Methodist church which has been offering free showers and haircuts. One all volunteer church was arranging laundry service for the homeless. We also provided full color Thanksgiving and Christmas tracts we designed and printed for the special large meals being served at the Salvation Army and two Rescue Missions. In addition, Harriet handknitted 60+ hats for the Rescue Mission. Using personal hygene items purchased at the Dollar Tree and 99 cent Store, we put together men’s and ladies 1 gallon plastic gift bags and candy packages.

January 2017 – We wanted to offer tract documents in more languages than just English & Spanish. We were informed by our tract associates at that Larry Kent at had written a tract and had it translated into about 100 languages. We were able to copy the list of language hyperlinks from another website, and then adjust the formatting in Microsoft Word, then paste it all into a new page on our website we have titled Foreign Language Tract. We found out a man named Denish in Kenya, East Africa, had been printing a tract from Larry’s website titled Who is Jesus?, and also printing a different Swahili language tract on our website that has the same title. His tract evangelism has been so successful that he is getting a response of up to 100 texts and calls per day on his phone! We received a personal e-mail from an anti-Christian man named David who had been dramatically changed by Jesus after receiving one of these tracts. David is now witnessing on the street with tracts supplied to him by Denish!

January 2017 – Did computer presentation to a local writers’ group on the ease and advantage of making PDF interactive E-books, along with how to begin the process of selling then online at Because an internet  connection could not be made, David did the parts requiring internet at home and used Snagit 13 screen capture software to record and then later play to the group the procedure.

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