Know Your Future tract booklet (for offset printers)

KYF RC Eng 4 12 x 20 film30 prcent screens ricoh.indd


June 2018 improved quality edition. A larger file size (22.6 megabytes) but quality PDF containing two color separations to make film positives on a laser printer, then make positive development metal printing plates.  These small booklets are laid out 4 per legal size sheet, and have a face trim, and top and bottom trim, on each booklet.  Booklets are 16 pages, and for a two color exact registration press.  Trapping of colors is built in to this document.    The 4 double sided sheets are cut in half, collated, then run through a booklet maker two up with one staple in each booklet.  A slitting machine with knife blade rollers simplifies the final booklet trimming.  For PDF document with a custom contact address, e-mail This document is a good  example of what a document for a two color printing press looks like.

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