Children’s Tracts

Two research studies revealed:

According To Dr. Bryant Myers (Fuller Theological Seminary),
85% Of People Who Accept Jesus Christ As Their Savior,
Do So Between The Ages of 4 And 14!
BARNA Research Organization Also Found That People Are
More Likely To Accept Christ As Their Savior When They Are Young!












Download 4 2up on letter

Download 4 2up on legal size


At an early age a child learns that he or she is not all good, and the bad motivations come from within us (our hearts). We must give our dirty hearts to Jesus. He then takes the evil (Satan) out,washes us clean by the sacrifice of His life’s blood, and puts His Holy Spirit in our hearts, which makes us clean in God’s sight and ready for Heaven as our eternal destination. Also, having God on the inside gives us the power to do right and live like Jesus our perfect example.

One to a letter size sheet, folded in thirds.


Easy language for a child to understand. Full color. Prints on a letter size sheet, both sides. The fold is in thirds, but a “Z” fold. for more tracts / writings by Ester Steyn, click on this link.

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