Life’s 2 Most Important Questions

Download How to make a reservation for Heaven, and God’s assurance that you will get there. For printing on color laser and inkjet printers.  More margin is required for a printing press. This PDF document  has a text box you can type in on the last page to add your contact information.

Siete Cosas que Dios Desea que Sepamos

Download Booklet Tract in Spanish for making a printed booklet. 12 pages. The pages of this document are not in read order sequence. The file size of the document is 18 megabytes, so it will take longer to download to your computer. 3,000 people have come to Jesus through the English version of this booklet.

Bounty of Blessings

Download Thanksgiving Salvation message.  Four to a letter size card stock, preferably matte or glossy finish on both sides.  Cards trim 1/8″ on all sides (follow trim marks) to make the cover side a full bleed.  His Print Media Ministries can also make these for you for a fee.

Halloween Tract

Download Available in full color, or black and white on pumpkin paper.  This download is the full color one. E-mail David:  

Body Piercing – Is it for Me?

Download Helpful Information about the practice of Body Piercing leads into the World’s Most Significant and Costly Piercing – Jesus’ Death on the Cross for our Sins.  Double sided printing (work and tumble), fold, and three sided trim, makes two tracts per letter size sheet.  Using heavy weight paper helps prevent curl when using a […]

World in a Mess

Download Bible tells us the world is messed up because mankind has turned from God to follow its own way.  The solution is to turn back to God. Two Per legal size sheet printed both sides with a flip horizontal.  Cut sheet in half, fold in the middle.  Trim cover on three sides to make […]

World’s Greatest Offer

Download God, Through Jesus Christ, Offers Us Eternal & Abundant Life.  This is a 2 color document for laser printers and inkjets.  The PDF document has a text box for typing in church contact information when you open the document in the Adobe Acrobat Reader Program. For 2 Color duotone Printing Press Separations, e-mail David: […]

What Fills the Void?

Download The French Physicist San Pascal wrote “There is a God shaped void inside every person that only Jesus Christ can fill.”  Two per letter size sheet, work & turn for inkjet or color laser printer. For the 2 color separation version for a printing press, email David:

Why the Cross? (Easter)

Download Looks best when printed on glossy card stock.  Use letter size card.  Trim at crop marks to eliminate white borders.  When cut right, all four cards should be the same size.

Usted Esta Amado! (You Are Loved in Spanish)

Download Especially for Valentine’s Day.  Punch a hole in the corner and tie to a bag of cookies to give to neighbors!  Looks best on glossy card stock paper.  Trim on crop marks to make cover bleed to the edge on all sides.