The World’s Most Important Prayer QR code labels

Download Document for 6 to a page labels for Avery brand #5524 (or equivalent) die cut all weather label paper for a laser printer.  When one takes a picture of the code with a smart phone or tablet with a built in camera that has the qr code reading app installed, the code links to […]

World’s Most Important Prayer Poster in English & Spanish

Download This is a 33″ by 24″ poster document.  The document prints out on letter size pages that are assembled together with an overlap using guide marks and clear tape, like pieces in a puzzle.  the finished poster can be laminated on both sides.  Attaching pieces of Velcro at the corners will allow one to […]

Messiah’s Identity Revealed!

Download The Hebrew Scriptures, Tenach, or Holy Bible speak of God sending us a World Savior who will turn this world for good.  A crossword puzzle made from these sacred writings reveals who this Messiah is, and how we can personally meet Him.

Are You a Good Person?

Download Created by Ray Comfort and  Layout here is two fourfold tracts to a letter size sheet for a color laser printer or inkjet with 3/16″ margins.  This document is a quality 32 megabyte tiff image and will take time to download.  Print one side, flip the sheet, and print the other with the […]

Roman’s Road to Heaven

Download Bible writer Apostle Paul, a Roman citizen was personally taught by Jesus Christ.  He also visited Heaven and returned.  In his letter to the Romans, he reveals how we can make Heaven our eternal destination.  This is a two color document, suitable for an inkjet or laser printer.

Road Map to Heaven

Download What God, in His Word the Bible, says about your eternal destination, and How you can be sure it will be Heaven. PDF Document contains a text box for adding your contact information. A Two Color version is also available from David:  

어떻게 승리하는가? – How to Win Korean

Download A two per letter size sheet tract for printers.  When we sin, we give the Devil a place in our lives and we lose.  When we turn to Christ and His cleansing blood, we are made winners. This tract contains a text box field that allows one to type in contact information before printing. […]

Another Way?

Download Printable version for color laser or inkjet printer.  This tract prints two per page, and  is a work and tumble with a trim on three sides to eliminate the white borders on the cover.

World’s Most Important Prayer 4 printing

Download This document is for color laser and inkjet printer. For a printing press version, e-mail David:

Which Way to Heaven?

Download Do All Paths and Religions lead us to Heaven? For color laser and inkjet printers. Two tracts per letter size sheet. This four fold tract is updated and smaller to fit in one’s shirt pocket