Oracion mas valiosa del Mundo (Spanish) poster portrait tiled 22″ x 28″

Download    Print out and assemble (glue or tape on back) 12 letter size pieces printed on an inkjet or laser printer. Pieces overlap each other by 1 1/2″. Laminate, or spray with clear artist’s spray to make it weather resistant. Fasten to 1/4″ foam board to make it sturdy. finished size is 22″ wide by […]

World’s Most Important Prayer poster portrait tiled 22″ x 28″

Download     Make a larger poster by tiling or assembling together 12 letter size prints like a puzzle. Tape the parts together on the backside, or use paper glue. The pieces can be printed on an inkjet or laser printer. Laminate the assembled poster for weather resistance, or spray with artist’s spray. To make it […]

Where and When…?

Download For color laser or inkjet printing, two to a letter size sheet. File size is 7 megabytes. Jesus said we must be “born again” to enter God’s kingdom. Be born again and know that you have eternal life. Author: Evangelist Dea Warford

A Tourist’s Guide To Heaven – Metric System, Read Order

Download Share with others by right clicking on the orange hyperlinked word Download, then select Copy, then start a new e-mail and right click and Paste to place the hyperlink into the new e-mail.

A Tourist Guide To Heaven – Metric System

Download A new Metric measurements version for English speaking countries who use the Metric System. This is the print version for tabloid size paper. There will also be a read order version for sharing by e-mail.

Divine Revelation of Hell / Heaven read order e-tract

Download A new booklet tract from Hope For Homeless Youth that is having great success bringing teenagers to Jesus.  This is the read order PDF e-book version (4.5 megabytes in file size).  To help pastor Clayton get more of the printed booklets, contact him at: pastorclayton@gmail.com. 

Ticket to Heaven

Writer calculates that Heaven’s capital can hold a trillion people, but one must ask Jesus to make him a reservation by writing his name in the Book of Life. Here’s how.

Conozca Su Futuro (KYF Spanish) read order for a Window Poster Display

Download For the Printing Instructions document, click here. Poster PDF is printed on a 24″+ Wide Format printer. Sheets 1 & 2 are connected end to end after printing each page separately, taped on the back, and laminated. The laminate is trimmed to 1/4″ of the border. The computer document includes a text box to […]

Know Your Future English Read Order Poster for a Window Display

Download Two printed posters taped together and laminated are 22.5″ tall by 56.5″ wide. For a printing instructions  document, click Here.