Jesus Understands

Download Three Fold Gospel Tract with Prayer of Salvation. For Inkjet or Color Laser Printer. Prints Two per letter size sheet. This is a good example of someone submitting a one color hand made printed tract so it can be turned into a quality printable two color computer document. This PDF allows one to type […]

2 Preguntas Mas Importantes De La Vida

Download Two tracts per letter size sheet, folding into fourths.  Document contains a text field to type in contact information before printing, when document is first opened in the Adobe Acrobat Reader program.  A two color document for a printing press is available. Contact David:

El Camino Al Cielo

Download Two tracts per letter size sheet, folds into fourths. A 2 color document for a printing press is available. Contact David:

How to Win Kurdish

Download The two per letter size page How to Win tract by Prince Handley in Kurdish.

How to Live Forever Cambodian

Download A 4 per letter size sheet Gospel tract. This message was given to the late Dr. Esther Mallet by a divine revelation from God. God told her this tract would go all over the world. We are helping this come to pass.  You can use your computer to type in contact information on the […]

L’Chaim – To Life Stickers

Download The American Messianic Fellowship printed a booklet by this title. Menorah Ministries got permission to make an online version of the booklet and posted it on their website.  This document is for the 6 to a page printed stickers containing the QR code that takes a smart phone or tablet with camera, and internet […]

Como Preencher O Vazio?

Download Portuguese What Fills the Void for an inkjet or color laser printer.  Two per letter size sheet, a work and turn.  Contains a Text Box Field for typing in contact information before printing. For a printing press version with color separations e-mail David:

Messiah’s Identity Revealed QR code stickers

Download These labels/stickers are 6 to a page on Avery Label template 5164 or equivalent.  When a smart phone or tablet with a built in camera, the QR code reader app, and access to the internet, scans  the code (on a quality printed label) from about 6 inches away, the phone goes online to Rich […]

Jesus Christ – Messiah of the Rabbinical Writers

Download Rich Deem’s (used with permission) shortened version of Dr. F. Kenton Beshore’s printed booklet The Messiah of the Tanach, Targums, Talmuds.  This three column comparison cites Messianic Jewish Scriptures: Torah, Prophets and Writings, along with  Rabbis who believe these passages are Messianic, and B’rit Chadashah Scriptures that show the fulfillment of these Tenack prophecies.  […]

What Child is this?

Download This new Christmas tract uses phrases from the Christmas carol What Child is this? to present the Good News about why Jesus came, what He did, and what we must do to benefit from it.