Usted Esta Amado!

Download Valentine’s Day Tract Spanish on card stock four to a sheet with a trim on all sides.

A Grand Pregunta

Download This gospel tract document is the Portuguese version of the  English The Big Question made popular by Arthur Blessitt who carried a cross around the world. The tract is two to a letter size sheet, and includes a type in the box “field” on the back to add contact information before printing from a […]

Thanks for Your Excellent Service

Download Three to a letter size sheet. A Salvation Message tract to leave with a tip to a server.

The Master Programmer

Download The creation and things created, especially instinct programmed into animals and insects, point to a Creator or Master Programmer. From there we also see a detailed divine love and plan for us as individuals when we reconnect to the Heavenly Father through His Son Jesus Christ, making us children of God.

World’s Most Important Prayer poster portrait single sheet 22″ x 28″

Download    Print at 300 or 600 dpi quality on sheet of Dollar Tree or 99 Cent store poster board that costs 50 cents. Double sided laminating helps with weather resistance; or, use artist’s clear spray (e.g., Krylon 1311). For stiffness and to keep it flat, attach a 1/4″ foam board (99 cents?) to the […]

Oracion mas Valiosa del Mundo (Spanish) single sheet poster portrait 22″ x 28″

Download   Print at 300 or 600 dpi quality on a low cost sheet (50 cents) of poster board from the Dollar Tree or 99 cent store. Will require a wide format (24″  or wider inkjet printer like the Epson Stylus Photo 7600.  A 24″ or wider double sided laminating machine makes the poster weather […]

Oracion mas valiosa del Mundo (Spanish) poster portrait tiled 22″ x 28″

Download    Print out and assemble (glue or tape on back) 12 letter size pieces printed on an inkjet or laser printer. Pieces overlap each other by 1 1/2″. Laminate, or spray with clear artist’s spray to make it weather resistant. Fasten to 1/4″ foam board to make it sturdy. finished size is 22″ wide by […]

World’s Most Important Prayer poster portrait tiled 22″ x 28″

Download     Make a larger poster by tiling or assembling together 12 letter size prints like a puzzle. Tape the parts together on the backside, or use paper glue. The pieces can be printed on an inkjet or laser printer. Laminate the assembled poster for weather resistance, or spray with artist’s spray. To make it […]

Where and When…?

Download For color laser or inkjet printing, two to a letter size sheet. File size is 7 megabytes. Jesus said we must be “born again” to enter God’s kingdom. Be born again and know that you have eternal life. Author: Evangelist Dea Warford

A Tourist’s Guide To Heaven – Metric System, Read Order

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