Download How to Win Creole for Haiti 4 to a letter size sheet. Print one side, flip paper on short edge, print backside. Cut in fourths and fold in half.

How to Win Amharic (Ethiopia)

Download Read order “E-tract” Download

CEMTHE Cebuano Healing

Download Print 2 to a letter size sheet. Two sided. Folded size is 5.5″ tall by 4.25″ wide

Yesu Ni Nani (Who is Jesus? in Swahili)

Download Swahili version of English Who is Jesus?  Prints two to a legal size sheet. Print one side, then flip paper on short edge and print again. Cut in half and trim (before or after folding) so there is no white border on the cover of the tract after it is folded into fourths.  

Tagalog – How to Live Forever – There is Only One Way

Download Letter size sheet. Print one side, flip paper over, print back, check alignment, cut into fourths.

Como Ganar (How to Win Spanish)

download 2021 2021 edition with latest address. Prints on letter size page. Turn paper over and print again to make four tracts.

Como Vencer


Usted Esta Amado!

Download Valentine’s Day Tract Spanish on card stock four to a sheet with a trim on all sides.

A Grand Pregunta

Download This gospel tract document is the Portuguese version of the  English The Big Question made popular by Arthur Blessitt who carried a cross around the world. The tract is two to a letter size sheet, and includes a type in the box “field” on the back to add contact information before printing from a […]

Thanks for Your Excellent Service

Download Three to a letter size sheet. A Salvation Message tract to leave with a tip to a server.